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Latin names : Cananga odorata var genuina, Unona odoratissima
French names : Alang-ylang, Arbre à parfum, Fleur des fleurs
Other English names : Macassar-oil plant, Ilang-Ilang, Kenanga, Cananga
Extracted from : flowers (Madagascar)
  • What a smell! 
    Diffuse or spray it and feel the tropics enter your house! And, mind you, without any chemical horror like those you can find in air fresheners.

    A few drops on the heart and here comes a happy night!
  • Imagine you come home after a long day at work, all stressed. 
    Imagine you are being nicely waited on, then offered a massage and finally relaxed, with Ylang-ylang.
    Close your eyes, lower your shoulders, take a deep breath and let yourself go.
    Well if your imagination can relax you this much, imagine what a real massage with this essential oil can do for you.

    That's all it takes!
Aaaah sweetness !
Ylang-ylang is a tropical tree of the family of annonaceae. About 20 meters high in the wild, it does not grow that high in cultivation. Indeed, it is often pruned back in order to facilitate flower-picking. It has been done this way for generations. 
And this tree responds surprisingly. It gives all the more flowers! The more it is taken care of, the more it gives. The more it is taken care of, the more fragrant its flowers are. It acts like a pasha. It likes to be looked after, cared of! 
It is one of those trees which do, in the wild nature, exactly what it helps humans do via its essential oil.
Yellow to green flowers. Rarely rosy or purple at their base. Thin and long petals like straps,which twist like flames at the end. 
Flowers are displayed on newlyweds' beds in Indonesia. Philippinos plait necklaces with them, sometimes with Jasmine flowers or Sampiguita to give to people they love or to decorate sculptures and saints. Many perfumes in the industry use Ylang-Ylang as well as cosmetics.
De-stresses and calms.
Helps you to switch off when the mind is obsessed by work.
Sensual and sweet.
Enhances Yin (receiving, passivity), hence, enables you to receive.
Reduces frustration and vexation.
Diminishes feelings of guilt.
Brings you back to your body.

Calmant, Tranquillisant, Relaxant
Sédatif, Somnifère
Régulateur cardiaque
Régulateur séborrhéique
Antiprurique, Antiprurigineux, Combat les démangeaisons

Fatigue sexuelle, Désintérêt sexuel
Irritabilité, Enervement, Hypersensibilité
Troubles de l’endormissement, Troubles du sommeil, Insomnie
Inflammations, Tendinite, Ligamentite, Arthrite
Hypertension artérielle, HTA, Pression élevée
Palpitations cardiaques, Troubles du rythme cardiaque
Tachycardie, Cœur trop rapide
Hyperséborrhée, Sécrétion sébacée surabondante
Démangeaisons, Prurit, Piqûres d’insectes
Dépression, Déprime, Coup de blues

Diminishes Vata's stress, fears and hyperactivity.
Calms Pitta's fire action.
Enhances Kapha.'s calmness and peacefulness.

Monoterpenols (1-55% linalool, geraniol 1-3%)
Sesquiterpenes (germacrene-D 9 to 30%, beta-caryophyllene 4 to 20%, alpha-farnesene 2 to 10%, delta-cadinene traces up to 10%, alpha-humulene, alpha-muurolene)
Sesquiterpenols (alpha-cadinol 0.1 to 2%, tau-cadinol 0.1 to 2%, trans-trans-farnesol, tau-Muurola)
Esters (benzyl benzoate 6 to 12%, geranyl acetate 2.5 to 10%, benzyl acetate 1.5 to 10%, farnesyl acetate, benzyl salicylate)
Ketones: None.
Furanocoumarins: None.

        Batch, YLDB975N016 (PDF, 332)
        Batch, YY115198       (PDF, 606 Ko, French)

No contraindication within physiological dosage.
Keep out of reach of children.
Children, pregnant women: no contraindications within physiological dosage. 

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