Terms and conditions

General terms and conditions determine trade relations which may exist between Gedane, suppliers of products catalogued on the registered website and clients of this site.

All of this information is presented in English.
All texts found on the website of Gedane were originally written in French, including the terms and conditions below. 
The jurisdiction is in Lausanne, Switzerland, the language is French. We decline any liability for any translation differences that would give another sense, of affect the comprehension and meaning of words and phrases in other languages. For the texts in all other languages than French on the website, all differences from the original French texts are null and void.

The customer declares they have full legal capacity to engage under these terms and conditions.

Gedane is registered in the Commercial Register of the Canton de Vaud (Switzerland) No Fed. CH-550-1057191-7 no ref. 2009/02798.
All orders on this site, or order placed by e-mail, fax, telephone or verbally (wholesale or special order) implies full acceptance by customers of the conditions listed below. Terms and conditions include the full rights and obligations of the parties. No general or specific condition, contained in documents sent or given by the buyer will complete, add on to or replace the present ones in any manner.

Gedane reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without notice, with immediate effect.

This contract consists in the present terms and conditions and, in descending order of legal value, purchase orders. Gedane provides the customer with all essential characteristics of the goods sold and shipped. These features appear in every product card. In general, these characteristics include quantity, product name, origin, physical properties, energetic properties, chemotypes, contraindications and limitations of use etc.. Pictures on the product description on the website are only informative and Gedane does not give any assurance concerning their accuracy.

Products on Gedane's website are valid only within the limits of available stocks. The customer can in no way hold Gedane responsible or claim compensation if a product is no longer available, due to stockout, exhaustion or abandonment of it.

Should one or more items not be available in the conditions defined by the service, Gedane will contact the customer by phone or e-mail to follow your instructions prior to validating their order. Gedane reserves the right to refuse any order from a customer in case of dispute.
Orders placed through the e-commerce service, engage the customer from the moment the order overview is confirmed by them. The "click" of the buyer under purchase order equals an electronic signature and is considered a valid proof (law of March, 13th 2000 on electronic signature) of the nature, content and time of purchase as well as their acceptance of the present terms and conditions. Any order implies acceptance of these.

The prices on the catalogue are in Swiss francs. VAT not included. Other currencies (Euro, Dollar) can be chosen by the buyer, but a single currency will be used for the final order. Currency can be changed during the purchasing process, the entire order in the cart being then converted into the new currency.

In case of telephone or verbal order, the buyer causes the risk of misunderstanding and erroneous or incomplete deliveries. We therefore prefer taking orders from the Internet (shop), e-mail or fax. For the latter (e-mail and fax), the buyer has the possibility to notify a mistake within three days. After this period, the goods shall be deemed accepted.

Delivery times specified in our order confirmations are only indicative and possible delays do not entitle the buyer to cancel the order, refuse the goods or claim compensation.

Delivery times are indicative, Gedane can not be held responsible for any delay in delivery of the goods by the service provider.
Shipping charges will be billed at cost (minimum Frs 10.00). For private customers, packages are sent by post, DHL or other appropriate driver.

Concerning deliveries to Europe and the rest of the world, shipping costs will be billed at cost according to the scale of the Swiss Post. The scale is based on zones and weight of packages.

Orders exceeding SFr 300.00 (7.6% VAT, not included) will be free of shipping costs (for Switzerland only).

All our goods are sold at the buyer's own risk whatever the means of transportation, free or postage due. The client must therefore ensure the products they ordered against all risks.

The consignee who takes delivery of the goods has the responsibility to verify its condition on arrival and take any measure against the carrier themselves. Please contact us before any possible return of the products. No returns will be accepted without prior approval from our services.

In case of returned merchandise due to the buyer's mistake, costs of the restocking may be deducted from the refund.
Given the overhead costs incurred, any order below 50 Swiss francs VAT not included, will cannot be taken in account.
For our new customers, orders exceeding 1,000 francs will be validated by our services only after a deposit of 50% of the total amount. 

Prices on the catalogue are fixed but can change without notice due to currency or seasonal fluctuations (production costs), scarcity of certain products, etc..

Unless stipulated otherwise, our invoices are payable within 10 days. The deadlines indicated on our invoices are to be met. Failure to pay our bills on the due date will automatically and without prior notice lead to the addition of default interests, calculated on the base rate applicable to short-term credits, plus 4% per year from the due date and ongoing until the date of actual payment. Recall costs incurred are the sole responsibility of the customer.

The transfer of ownership of the goods shall be effective only when the full price is paid.

- The order conditions for access to prices therapists are:

* Minimum order of 50.00 Swiss francs, shipping and insurance not included.
* Sending ASCA number / equivalence.
* In case of refusal of equivalence, Gedane has no obligation to provide any justification about the decision. Gedane has the whole power of decision 100% about the equivalence provided.
* Any right of appeal is excluded.

Title-retention clause

All goods remain the property of the supplier until full payment. The supplier is authorised to initiate the registration on title-retention register.

In case of non payment or partial payment on the due date, we reserve the right to proceed immediately with the resumption of our merchandise. The buyer can not avoid, at the risk of damages, restitution of the goods to the seller or any person authorised by them.

For any dispute regarding our sales, jurisdiction is in Lausanne, and only Swiss law is applicable, regardless of place of delivery.

In case of exceptional consignment shop, all terms and conditions above are also to be considered.

How to order ?

1. Use the shopping cart and follow the instructions. Shipping fees are included in the total.
2. The minimum order for individuals is of Frs 50.00, shipping costs not included.
3. Options for payment: credit card (Visa, Mastercard), Postcard, advance payment or invoice (invoice only for Switzerland). In the 3 first cases we expect to receive your payment before sending your order.
4. For larger orders, we recommend you to request a quote. Send your request directly by fax to 0041 (21) 312'14'31 or

Registration form for therapists

In order to register to the user group 'Therapists' and obtain all the realted advantadge, please follow the instructions below :

  • You are a registered customer already : please log in, and :
    • Fill in the field "Company" correctly.
    • Fill in the field "Specialisation" correctly.
    • Fill in the field "N° ASCA" correctly.
    • Click on tab "User groups" and click on 'Join' next to "Therapist"
    • Save changes.

    An automatic email will be sent, in order to verify your information and validate your registration. 

  • You are a new customer : create a new account, and :
      • Fill in the field "Company" correctly.
      • Fill in the field "Specialisation" correctly.
      • Fill in the field "N° ASCA" correctly.
      • Click on tab "User groups" and click on 'Join' next to "Therapist"
      • Save changes.

    An automatic email will be sent, in order to verify your information and validate your registration. 


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