The element Water

Water is

putting one in touch with others, exchange, fluidity

Water symbolises

emotions, feelings.

Its sense is


In Water, lies

contact. Things are put in contact with one another, beings are aware of each other. Like two balls, independent from each other on a table : one stays still if you move the other one. But they are put in contact when drawn in water : if you move one     Les choses sont mises au contact l'une de l'autre, les être ont connaissance l'un de l'autre. Comme deux billes sont indépendantes l'une de l'autre sur une table : si on en bouge une, l'autre reste immobile. Elles sont au contact total si elles sont dans un bol rempli d'eau : si on en bouge une, l'autre réagit par les ondes crées par le mouvement de la première. L'échange est total, non contrôlé par le mental. Il ne concerne pas des informations : ce n'est donc pas de la communication. Il concerne le vécu à l'instant présent et se fait sans intention. C'est tout simplement la mise en mouvement de soi par ce que l'autre vit. On peut appeler cela ressentir une émotion.

The way of living in such a world

is sensitive, emotional. It is mind-free. One experiences different situations through what one feels about them, and the only thing that matters is that feeling. Life (through emotions) must be enjoyable when it comes to feeling. Any unpleasant experience leads to sadness and one's misunderstanding of one's goals in life or feeling of failure. One drifts on the deep sea of emotions, and gets moved (even shattered) by anything. As there are waves in every direction, all waves get to him and one is absolutely unprotected - especially not being able to distinguish which waves could actually be beneficial for him. One is left at the mery of the waves towards the bays of his sobs and laughter.

The interaction with substance

is about letting oneself get touched by anything things and beings emanate. It is letting oneself be overwhelmed by the beauty of a landscape, the sight of a person who shines in light. It's allowing oneself to live the consequences of other people's intentions through joy and sadness freely, with no desire to control them. Let come, let anything come.

Associated dosha

Kapha and Pitta.

Associated chakra

2nd chakra.

Essential oils

Acore roseau, Aneth odorant, Jasmin, Lemongrass, Menthe poivrée, Menthe verte, Persil plat, Vanille commune, Vétiver