The element Fire

Fire is

transformation, warmth, action.

Fire symbolises

resolving intelligence, capacity, ability.

Its sense is


In Fire, lies

ability and transformation. What goes through Fire is changed. Just like a piece of paper in a fireplace, like a courgette curry (and Turmeric essential oil!) in a frying pan. Humans' incredible abilities - especially the one to change everything - comes from their intellect. Their intelligence (or stupidity) can transform and even enable them to model the world they live in. And Fire is all made of action and quasi-uncontrolable answers. It therefore can't help but meddle, interfere with everything and anything in order to transform them.

The way of living in such a world

is all about faith in, certainty of and belief in the almighty intellect. Life is lived through one's mind and analyses. It is necessary that life be lived through and controlled by it. This also means that anything that does not conform to cartesian rules is wrong and can not exist at all. One therefore manages very well to take any "forbidden", "abnormal", different bits out of one's world for they do not abide by rules one's mind allows him to understand.

The interaction with substance

is the fact that one want to act on it, observe it and distinguish bits of it, analyse it, judge it. This is a lot of action and dynamic, guided by the almighty will to transform. The first transformation is observation: sight makes humans mentalise what they see (so Fire-like!). Indeed, what we see is stored in a drawer in our mind, labelled, given a name, categorised... which takes it all the further away from what was seen in the first place.

Associated dosha


Associated chakra

3rd chakra

Essential oils

Aneth odorant, Basilic exotique, Basilic saint, Cannelle de Ceylan, Céleri doux, Clavalier de l'Inde, Cumin blanc, Curcuma, Genévrier commun baies, Gingembre, Gingergrass, Girofle, Muscade, Persil plat, Poivre, Quatre-épices, Romarin officinal à bornéone, Thym vulgaire à thymol, …