The element Ether

Ether is

formative intelligence, space, potential.

Ether symbolises

shape, form (whatever substance materialises in), exchange.

Its sense is


In Ether, lies

the initial seed to things, all the potential of their potential existence. It symbolises the form in which things could materialise, be or be done. Ether is this space wherein anything can be created, also the space things could take up, so the form they could materialise in. The impulse of the intelligence that creates, the conscience of all things outside their embodiment or not, the intention one thing is before it becomes real. Ether is nothing because it is everything. What is everything can not be "individualised" as it is everything in the very essence of the community of individuals, in their total fusion into one: the universe.

The way of living in such a world

is large and vast, made of plenty of room and feeling of space beyond space. The "Virtual world" is a way to stimulate the ability for our society to comprehend Ether. the fact that there is nothing, does not imply that that nothing is there and if there is no material space for something, this does not mean that many other things may exist in dimensions created by our minds.

The interaction with substance

is the fact of seeing, creating and feeling the potential of things, all the information they may contain beyond their shape. No matter if it is still or alive. It's all about seeing the germ when it's only an intention yet. It's about seeing beyond the barrier of substance in the reality. In this space, we can exchange, communicate. Hence, communication does not need be actual, or visible to exist...

Associated dosha


Associated chakra

5th chakra.

Essential oils

Cardamome, Clavalier de l'Inde, Davana, Myrrhe molmol, Valériane, Vanille commune