The element Earth

Earth is

structure, solidity, inertia.

Earth symbolises

confidence, stability, pragmatism.

Its sense is


In Earth, lies

a high respect for structure. There is perception of what is substantial: reality is made of substance and only contains subtance. It is therefore important that life (whici is lived through structure and substance) be a pleasure in that sens. It also means that if pleasure is not real materially, one can miss one's life if one puts the priority of one's life on this density (elements, as we shall remember, are differents stages of the density of things.)

The way of living in such a world

is to live grounded to the floor. And grounded to pragmatism, to structure. Finishing what has been started, materialising what has been thought. This brings coherence. And the fact that an idea is followed by its unavoidable and predictable materialisation leads to an indescribable power of security. The world is predictable and this brings security, confidence and stability.

The interaction with substance

is the fact of thinking in a pragmatic way. Thinking with ressources, with goods, with power, as a good-giver, a source of wellness. That is to say: to see the value of anything. Above all, it is seeing the thing for what it is materially wothout seeing beyond the actual shape of it (i.e. the way it works, what it could be, think, feel). Hence, the relation with the substance is a down-to-earth one.

Associated dosha


Associated chakra

1st chakra.

Essential oils

Acore RoseauAngélique archangélique, Cannelle de Ceylan, Cèdre de l'Himalaya, Curcuma, Davana, Muscade, Palmarosa, Quatre-épices, Valériane, Vanille commune, Vétiver, ...