The element Air

Air is

movement, impulse, creation.

Air symbolises

encounter, relationship.

Its sense is


In Air, lies

movement ; things move and meet up. Even intentionally. They choose to come in contact with one another, they want or don't want to meet. A relationship is created because the movement was meant in that sense. Movement is created in a space where one can choose to let himself get rallied to the flow. One can spread one's wings and fly, only helped by the flow that pushes him forwards and upwards. One can also just stay there, feeling the breeze, looking at the branches of the trees ondulating with the wind.

The way of living in such a world

is to come in contact, touch, create bonds to enjoy feeling others more entirely. Moving creates the feling of touch because touching is not felt long if one stays still. Moving together, towards one another, is not an emotion from Water ; here in the Air, there is a creation of movement, an intention that moving may shift us away or not, and an intention that movement may touch others or not.

The interaction with substance

is to go to it, to bind with it and to create this mutual feeling of one another that can be called touch. It's giving a tree, a friend or a patient a hug. It's acting so that we can feel touched and the others around as well. Not moved, but touched: not so that others get shattered and devastated but that they receive the ability to start moving as well. That the consequent move is not forced but their own, chosen by them, in the direction they want to follow.

Associated dosha


Associated chakra

4th chakra.

Essential oils

Cardamome, Citronnelle de Ceylan, Coriandre, Encens Salai, Girofle, Lemongrass, Menthe poivrée, Menthe verte, Palmarosa, Romarin officinal à bornéone