Sweet lime

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Latin names: Citrus limetta, Citrus medica var limetta
French names: (nota bene: it is not French Lime (green lemon), Citrus aurantifolia = Citrus latifolia) 
Extracted from: peel.
  • Just happiness and melty-cheesy-weeny joy in the heart!
  • Can be surprising in lemony dishes. Lime adds zing to anything and tricks tongues into delightfully licking the rest of the mixture from the bowl. (Cherry tarts, Fruits mousses, chocolate yoghurts...)
  • For those who listen too much to anybody and everybody for their best pieces of advice, both spiritual and moral. Putting a few drops on your heart and smelling it will help you stay in your own little world where you have the right to be happy your own way, after all!
Typical citrus tree as it has all of their features: some thorns, pretty white flowers whose petals are somewhat fleshy and stellar, reflecting and loving the sun.
Somewhat frail and light in appearance, it bears fruit with its flowers still decorating it for the pleasure of our senses.
It shares its name (lime-tree) with another different tree, which carries different fruits: green lemons. 
To dare be yourself and stay in your cosy cocoon.
Brings a "marshmallow" feeling to the heart.
Heals those who lost their twin, especially during their mother's pregnancy.
Helps focus.
Helps you to think clearly, and analyse correctly.

Antistress adaptogène
Antihalitosique, Combat la mauvaise haleine
Artériotonique, Tonique artériel, Tonique de la micro-circulation artérielle
Rubéfiant, Augmente l’afflux sanguin localement, Préventif d’engelures
Tonifiant, Tonique, Stimulant
Antifongique, Antimycosique
Draineur du foie, Dépuratif hépatique
Tonique hépatique, Hépatotonique, Tonique du foie
Cholagogue, Stimule l’expulsion de la bile
Antinauséeux, Antivomitif
Digestif, Apéritif
Spasmolytique, Antispasmodique
Antitumoral, Anticancéreux (Adjuvant)
Stimule la concentration, Améliore les facultés mentales
Antiparasitaire, Vermifuge
Cholérétique, Stimule la production de bile

Dépression, Déprime, Coup de blues
Mauvaise haleine, Halitose
Insuffisance artérielle locale
Fatigue générale, Coup de pompe, Surmenage
Mycose unguéale, Mycose cutanée
Lithiase biliaire, Calculs biliaires, Boue biliaire (attention expulse)
Nausées de voyage, Nausées de grossesse, Vomissements
Digestion lourde, Indigestion, Repas copieux, Manque d’appétit
Affection hépatique, Surcharge hépatique, Repas gras
Insuffisance de sécrétion biliaire, Repas gras
Ballonnements, Gaz intestinaux, Crampes intestinales
Cancer, Métastases, Affections précancéreuses, En soutien au traitement antitumoral
Manque de concentration, Inattention
Parasites intestinaux, Vers intestinaux, Amibiase, Ascaridiase, Oxyurose
Syndrome de Raynaud

Controls Vata leaving his playful-curious-happy side only
Calms Pitta
Increases a soft and smooth Kapha

Monoterpenes (limonene ~ 45%, 10% gamma-terpinene, terpinolene 7%, alpha-4-terpinène1% paracymene up 4%)
Monoterpene alcohols (2-10% alpha-terpineol, linalool 10%)
Sesquiterpenes (a few percent of scattered: bicyclogermacrène, farnesene, bisabolene, bergamotene)
Furanocoumarins (bergptène, limettine, bergamottin, byakangelicine ...)
Ketone: none

        Batch,  LIM2000/1  (PDF, 364 Ko, French)
        Batch,  LIM501K091018 (PDF, 251 Ko, French)
        Batch,  LIM501L101343  (PDF, 152 Ko, French) 

        Batch, LIM501B150040  (PDF, 152 Ko, French)  

External use: proves slightly dermocaustic when used at the same place repeatedly.
Keep out of reach of children.
Children and pregnant women: no other known contraindications.

Essential Oils

Agatophylle Agatophylle leaves Ajowan Ajwain All-spice Allspice Angelica Arabian jasmine Archangel Balsam fir Basil (exotic) Bay laurel Bergamot Bigaradier feuilles Black Pepper Black pepper Black spruce Blue ginger Camphor cineol CT leaves 1,8-cineole (Madagascar) Cananga Cane Cardamom Cedar (Atlas) Celery Ceylan citronella Chamomile Chamomile (roman) Chamomile(roman) Cilanthro (leaves) Cinnamon Cinnamon (bark) Cinnamon (leaves) Cinnamon bark Cinnamon leaves Citronella Clove Clove bud Clove leaf Cochingrass Common sage Coriander Cumin Cupressus Curcuma Curry leaf Curry plant Curry tree Cuscusgrass Cypress Davana Dill East-indian Lemongrass Eucalyptus radiata Everlasting Exotic basil Fennel Fir Fir (Balsam) Fir (balsam) Flag Frankincense Frankincense (salai) Galanga Galangal Garden Angelica Garden dill Geranium Ginger Gingergrass Grapefruit Greater galanga Green Mandarin Green Pepper Green cardamom Green pepper Grey eucalyptus Helichrysum angustifolium Helichrysum italicum Holy basil Ilang-ilang Indian Basil Indian Frankincense Indian wintergreen Jamanatsi Jasmine Jasmine (arabian) Jasmine (royal) Jeera safed Jessamine Juniper berries Khus-khus Lavender Lemon Lemon (yellow) Lemongrass Limetta Macassar-oil plant Malabargrass Mandarin Mediterranean sweet lemon Mulilam Muskroot Myrrh Nard Nardin Narrow leaf eucalyptus Narrow leaved peppermint Norway pine Officinal lavender Officinal rosemary Orange Orange (sweet) Orange bergamot Orange peel Oranger amer feuilles Oregano Palmarosa Parsley Patchouli Pelargonium Pepper Peppermint Petitgrain Bigarade Pimento Pine Pine (Norway) Pomelo Ravensara Ravintsara Roman chamomile Rose geranium Rose pelargonium Rosemary Rosemary borneon Rosha grass Royal jasmine Sacred basil Sage Salai Frankincense Salvia Sambac Scotch pine Shaddock Spanish jasmine Spearmint Spearmint Spikenard Spruce Sweet cane Sweet celery Sweet fennel Sweet flag Sweet lemon Sweet lime Sweet limetta Sweet orange Tea tree Tea tree m.a. Thai galangal Thai ginger Thyme Thyme (thymol) Tropical Basil True lavender Tulsi Turmeric Turmeric (aromatica) Turmeric (longa) Valerian Vanilla Vetiver White Pepper White cumin White pepper Wild marjoram Wintergreen Yellow lemon Ylang-ylang Zanthoxylum