Sixth chakra


Ajna is its sanskrit name, which means to know.


It is located in the middle of the head. It is turned backwards and forwards.




One's inner self. It represents one's conceptions, personal spirituality, conscience and wisdom. Non-duality, unmaterialised things : one's existence and prerogative, one's causality.

Physical body

Emotions, feelings

It is in charge of one the aspects that make Humans human: the conception we have of what the world is, of how it works. Our spirituality as in what we think of things around us, how they interact, how much we are ready to interact with them, what we allow ourselves to be or do. Only here can we see how much conscience we put into our everyday life; the amount of "I-don't-care-ism" compared to the amount of self-observation and implication in our own lives. This chakra is responsible for our understanding of what non-duality means: that opposites do not exclude each other, and that things we think to be incompatible at first can actually indeed be compatible as long as we see them through a different eye. This chakra is our opening to other angles: our comprehension of the world beyond its appearance and rigid time-frame. It allows us to access superior dimensions that are invisible at first sight. It allows us to perceive energetic, spiritual, non-material dimensions. It is in charge of our understanding that substance is a consequence of our minds and not the other way round (misconception of a 3rd chakra not overcome).

In good condition

With a well-developped 6th chakra, one live awake. One is aware and tunes on to one's conscience consciously. One wants to and likes perceiving the world in a global way that requires that one really open up one's eyes and accept everything one perceives without denying it only because it may not coincide with the reality one lived in up until now. One is able to let 2 different realities coexist side-by-side. One feels that love is the opposite of a cake: when one slice is eaten up, the cake grows one slice more and we, who gave one slice of love away, remain with an ever bigger love cake. Then one perceives that all cakes have the same rule: sharing one's cake gives much more happiness and satisfaction than keeping all slices to oneself. One sees how much one's perceptions influence but also create one's reality. One knows that all of one's thoughts make one's own world and that this world is nothing else that the consequence of one's thoughts. Same goes for one's body... 

In poor conditions

With a weak or unbalanced 6th chakra, one struggles to understand other people, as other people live in another reality. Somebody else's action -different from what one thought it should have been- inevitably creates a conflict within oneself. One must believe in things that do not belong to him. And as one has to believe in them to accept them, they never materialise. The person who believes in chakras will never see them. Only the person who knows they exist, will be able to feel and see them. It is hard for one to open up one's world even though one may deeply wish to make it broader. One only deals with substance, material, cartesian reasonings even if he is often convinced that he lives according to one's own rules, because he accepts the fact that energetics exist. One easily hides away behind rules and procedures to be applied in order to avoid thinking on one's own and questionning the real intentions behind all actions rather than their consequences.


To strengthen it

Do not read anything, watch a movie or attend a conference you woudl understand. Clumsy books. Weird movies. Unexpected conferences. Only these are valuable it here. A lesson only is worth listening if you do not understand it, if it shatters your rigid thinking, makes you react, or makes you think you could have written it but never really thought about it before. Get out of your confort zone. Always try and find the real cause of all things. Never stop at a realistic, material, down-to-earth explanation. Always question everything. Always bear it in mind if you disagree with one statement, opinion or concept. Follow your intuition, your feelings, even if and especially if it leads you not to do what was expected from you.

Huiles essentielles

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