Seventh chakra


Sahasrara is its sanskrit name, which means "thousand"


It is located at the top of the head. It is turned upwards, facing the sky.




Conscience. It represents the whole as one and the link to the whole. Authority, the Universe, one's perception of the whole. The sight of everything being interconnected, the feeling of being united and understanding what it means.

Physical body

Emotions, feelings

It is in charge of our understanding that the whole is not the sum of all things but just a whole in itself, and that its components are nothing else but this whole in the end. It governs the perception of this whole as one, and that nothing alive or not can be dissociated from it; the whole unity is always a complete and inextricable interconnection between all things at the same time. It is also responsible for our relation to authority, no matter if family, social, religious or natural.

In good condition

With a well-developped 7th chakra, one lives a divine relationship with oneself and the Universe. One realises how miniscule, yet how big a result of the Universe one is. One knows himself as being God, as one is a fraction of God and God at same time. One feels connected to everything around him and takes the whole responsability for that. One lives with a sensation of connection.

In poor condition

With a weak or unbalanced 7th chakra, one looses the connection with the universe and the world around him. One can then loose the sense of responsabilities and struggle to feel how much each of one's actions and thoughts interacts with the others, influences and creates the others. One can be destabilised by authority. Either by being bound to any kind of authority (subdued wife, victim employee, teacher's pet, accepting casts or inferior social level etc.), or by rebelling against it beyong wisdom, frequently being sent to jail, acting dangerously due to not listening to wise advice, denying all arguments coming from one's parents, employer or a stronger person. Or else, by being authoritarian, dominating other people, working as a priest, a teacher, policeman, judge, doctor (unfortunately with no talent whatsoever, which will come only when the 7th is healed.


To strengthen it

In every situation, realise consciously the fabulous this large-scale organisation that was required to make things happen as it did. In any hard time, think "It happened for a good reason and if things had gone differently, it wouldn't have been beneficial for me for some reason I may not know". Always accept that everything is for the best. There are 1-with-28-zeros chemical reactions within our body let alone all the intelligence it needs for them to take place correctly. The fact that our bodies survive at every moment is a miracle in itself. The fact that we couldn't go on holidays 20 years ago made us meet other people who changed our life. the Universe arrange that all. Everything is done perfectly and for the best: remembering it in any situation is the key to heal and sooth our 7th chakra.

Huiles essentielles

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