Second chakra


Svadisthana is its sanskrit name and means sweetness.


It is in front of the sacrum region, under the belly button. It is turned towards and backwards.




Water. It represents the relationship between all things and beings, feelings and emotions.

Physical body

Emotions, feelings

It is in charge of sensations, emotions, feelings, creation, contacts and contact-feeling. It makes one move, it moves one with feelings, even shatters sometimes. Emotion = E-motion. It carries the bipolarity of need and urge; this duality that makes one think one is torn between necessity and luxury. The solution is also in the 2nd chakra: it is called intuition. Indeed, intuition is when one understands that a sensation is the expression of a need through one's feeling one's right urge. One's relation to sexuality and food are governed by this chakra.

In good condition

With a well-developped 2nd chakra, one feels emotions fully. One laughs, cries, is spontaneous in one's reactions with other people. One is in contact with the others around him completely, full of sympathy, which makes him move, react and interact with them. One knows how to live with tenderness, sweetness, happiness. One lives one's sexuality and diet with joy because his relationship with other people and with himself are well-balanced and joyful. These two sides of one's life bring one smiles before, during and after all events in his life.

In poor condition

With a weak or unbalanced 2nd chakra, one struggles to face one's emotions and reacts by fleeing and denying or by giving in everytime one feels emotions (especially sadness).  In the first case, one denies any potential source of uneasy emotion, even if it means ahndicpping his life and refusing all happy events that might end up with disappointment. In the second case however, one becomes a slave of one's emotions, watching sad movies, the news, gets moved by gossips. One also becomes fragile when it comes to distinguishing need and urge : one then either denies his needs and becomes withdrawn in a cold sad world made of necessity and strict rules, or gives in to temptation (mini-skirts and chocolate cakes).


To strengthen it

Seek contacts, accept contacts and appreciate contacts. Look for beautiful emotions and make them even more beautiful. Provoking good emotions when one is overwhelmed with work is no harder than the other way round... Though it requires to move the whole dynamics backwards and THAT can be tough. What creates emotions is one's conception of what one goes through, one's positive or negative programmation, one's positive or negative welcome of life events. Bringing conscience and reflection into one's relation to food or sexuality allows one to change the satisfaction one gets out of it.

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