Production of essential oils

Production by the plant

You hear about essential oils everywhere.
Normal, they are wonders.
But beyond that, what are they, how are they made and where do they come from?

The first answer is simply that they are plants. Far more than just bottles filled with some liquid, they are plants which gave us their quintessence.
Why and how is what we will deal with here.

Plants live in a competitive world, not always easy, but they have found a way through it with symbiosis.
Plants do not fight one another, they grow on the same planet in symbiosis, together. And they have solved a great number of conflicts together.

  • The power of sunlight.
  • The need to be fed.
  • The protection against fungus, viruses, bacteriae, parasites of all sorts.
  • The need to attract insects for pollenation.
  • The need to attract animals in order to spread.
  • The need to communicate with each other.
  • The management of food left to animals, sometimes voracious.
  • The evolution of which they are an important part.
They must solve impressive tasks and one of the things that helps them do so is essential oils. Particularly in interactions (between each other, between plants and animals or between plants and insects). They have encoded a large part of this know-how in their essential oil, which is their language.

Plants make essential oils via specific organs dedicated to this one task. These organs can be on or under leaves, flowers, bark, wood, roots rhizomes etc.

All plants do not produce essential oil, only those which interact most. Among all those which do make oil, it is not always easy to extract it though.

As essential oil is an interactive substance and plants always interact with their environment, their oil is not the same throughout the day, year or in another environment. Take one plant and grow it in the shade or in the sun, in the mountains or in plains, among its fellows or alone and its essential oil will vary both in quality and in molecules it contains.


Essential Oils

Agatophylle Agatophylle leaves Ajowan Ajwain All-spice Allspice Angelica Arabian jasmine Archangel Balsam fir Basil (exotic) Bay laurel Bergamot Bigaradier feuilles Black Pepper Black pepper Black spruce Blue ginger Camphor cineol CT leaves 1,8-cineole (Madagascar) Cananga Cane Cardamom Cedar (Atlas) Celery Ceylan citronella Chamomile Chamomile (roman) Chamomile(roman) Cilanthro (leaves) Cinnamon Cinnamon (bark) Cinnamon (leaves) Cinnamon bark Cinnamon leaves Citronella Clove Clove bud Clove leaf Cochingrass Common sage Coriander Cumin Cupressus Curcuma Curry leaf Curry plant Curry tree Cuscusgrass Cypress Davana Dill East-indian Lemongrass Eucalyptus radiata Everlasting Exotic basil Fennel Fir Fir (Balsam) Fir (balsam) Flag Frankincense Frankincense (salai) Galanga Galangal Garden Angelica Garden dill Geranium Ginger Gingergrass Grapefruit Greater galanga Green Mandarin Green Pepper Green cardamom Green pepper Grey eucalyptus Helichrysum angustifolium Helichrysum italicum Holy basil Ilang-ilang Indian Basil Indian Frankincense Indian wintergreen Jamanatsi Jasmine Jasmine (arabian) Jasmine (royal) Jeera safed Jessamine Juniper berries Khus-khus Lavender Lemon Lemon (yellow) Lemongrass Limetta Macassar-oil plant Malabargrass Mandarin Mediterranean sweet lemon Mulilam Muskroot Myrrh Nard Nardin Narrow leaf eucalyptus Narrow leaved peppermint Norway pine Officinal lavender Officinal rosemary Orange Orange (sweet) Orange bergamot Orange peel Oranger amer feuilles Oregano Palmarosa Parsley Patchouli Pelargonium Pepper Peppermint Petitgrain Bigarade Pimento Pine Pine (Norway) Pomelo Ravensara Ravintsara Roman chamomile Rose geranium Rose pelargonium Rosemary Rosemary borneon Rosha grass Royal jasmine Sacred basil Sage Salai Frankincense Salvia Sambac Scotch pine Shaddock Spanish jasmine Spearmint Spearmint Spikenard Spruce Sweet cane Sweet celery Sweet fennel Sweet flag Sweet lemon Sweet lime Sweet limetta Sweet orange Tea tree Tea tree m.a. Thai galangal Thai ginger Thyme Thyme (thymol) Tropical Basil True lavender Tulsi Turmeric Turmeric (aromatica) Turmeric (longa) Valerian Vanilla Vetiver White Pepper White cumin White pepper Wild marjoram Wintergreen Yellow lemon Ylang-ylang Zanthoxylum