Pine (Norway)

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Latin name : Pinus sylvestris
French names : Pin sylvestre, Pin de Norvège, Pin d'Ecosse
Other English names : Pine
Extracted from : needles (France) 
  • Grumpy-grumpy and lethargic.
    No way!
    Pine cheers us up and centres us into our heart.
    It acts like a spring in a couch: no more couch potatoes.
    It pushes to move and go forward.
    It gives vitality and vigour; hup, get outside! 
  • Here come Mr Winter and his wife Mrs Coldfrost. Let's not welcome them in too quickly. 
    If they already stepped in your house (body), Pine is there to help you. The one appropriate tree to get rid of these guests! 
  • Do you enjoy gazing at trees? 
    Sit down calmly on a warm summer evening at sunset. Observe trees and look closely at scotchpines. They take on a red glow, they blaze. They absorb light and multiply it. And often, they spewout a different kind of orangey red light.

Then, fetch your bottle of Scotch pine essential oil and smell it. Communicate with it and let itsenergy fill you up completely by applying 3 or 4 drops of oil on your heart.
Scotch pine is an abietaceae (formerly family Pinaceae). Robust, resilient and adaptable. Even though, like all abietaceae, it lives naturally in the northern hemisphere, it is able not only to accept but appreciate Spanish, Norwegian, alpine and Atlantic climates. Not bad, huh ! 
If you enjoy special highlights, watch pines and other trees in the evening. Among all, it is the onetree that looks orange at night. With one or two other trees such as Catalpa, it is one of the few toreally take on a strong light at night. What about the rest of the day? Well, it is a beautiful tree. Justlike the others.
It is a tree that appears in the legends of many ethnic groups. Merlin is said to have received his knighthood at the top of a pine tree. Attis emasculated herself to dead and gave birth to Violet under a pine tree. Besides violas are often to be found under pine trees.
Before dealing with botany, it has a feature that makes it easy to recognise among all its brothers. Its reddish-brown bark turns orange-yellow towards the top of the tree. The colour may become frankly flamboyant.
Scotch pines share common features with other conifers: they have leaves in bundles, cones, wood, cracked bark.
Scotch pines have leaves in groups of two. Yes, they are never alone. (Leaves are often called needles.) They are a little twisted and generally between three and seven centimetres long. Their cones are small enough (around 3 to 4 centimetres in general). 
It smells like a forest, deep down in the heart.
Recentres greatly in the heart.
Gives vigour, recharges batteries.
Confers assertiveness and will.
Promotes good mood.
Pacifies and de-stresses, all the while boosting.
Improves concentration
Immunostimulant, Stimulant immunitaire
Tonifiant, Tonique, Stimulant
Augmente les volumes respiratoires
Anticatarrhal, Mucolytique, Expectorant
Stimule la production de cortisone endogène
Antistress adaptogène
Vulnéraire, Cicatrisant, Participe de plusieurs façons à la guérison de plaies
Hypertenseur adaptogène
Antihistaminique, Antiallergique
Artériotonique, Tonique artériel, Tonique de la micro-circulation artérielle

Antifongique, Antimycosique
Antiprurique, Antiprurigineux, Combat les démangeaisons
Grippe ORL, Pneumonie, Bronchite, Bronchiolite, Toux grasse, Sinusite
Maladie infectieuse bactérienne ou virale en soutien à la lutte anti-infectieuse
Maladie infectieuse, Faiblesse immunitaire, Immunodéficience
Plaies, Coupures, Cicatrices, Abrasions, Egratignures
Lésions musculaires, Lésions tendineuses, Lésions ligamentaires, Lésions tissulaires
Fatigue générale, Coup de pompe, Surmenage
Catarrhe, Mucus
Dépression, Déprime, Coup de blues
Rhumatismes, Arthrite, Arthrose
Courbatures, Douleurs musculaires
Inflammations, Tendinite, Ligamentite, Arthrite
Hypotension artérielle, Pression basse, Chute de tension
Allergie, Rhume des foins, Asthme allergique
Echauffement sportif
Insuffisance artérielle locale
Mycose unguéale, Mycose cutanée
Poux, Pédiculose
Cystite, Infections urinaires, Candidose vaginale
Toux spasmodique, Toux irritative, Toux sèche vraie
Démangeaisons, Prurit, Piqûres d’insectes

Stimulates Vata's ability to process information quickly, all the whille diminishing its fears.
Enhances Pitta's ability to set in action.
Diminishes Kapha's tendancy to over-rest.

Monoterpenes (35-60% alpha-pinene, limonene 3 to 15%, beta-pinene 5 to 40%, delta-3-carene 1 to 20%, para-cymene 0.1 to 3%, 1-6% camphene, myrcene 0.1 to 5%)
Monoterpene esters (bornyl acetate 0.1 to 10%, linalyl acetate traces to 1%)
Sesquiterpenes (0.1 to 5% cadinene, beta-caryophyllene 0.1 to 2%)
Sesquiterpenols (germacra-1-(10)-E, 5E-diene-4-ol ~ 2%)
Monoterpenols (borneol 0.1 to 2%)
        Batch PINB765023, (PDF, 569Ko, French)
Keep out of reach of children.
No contraindication within physiological dosage.
Children pregnant women: no contraindication within physiological dosage.

Essential Oils

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