Orange (sweet)

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Latin names: Citrus aurantium var dulcis, Citrus aurantium var sinensis, Citrus sinensis, Citrus dulcis
French names: Orange cultivée, Orange douce
Extracted from: peel. Cold-pressed
  • If the moon's kingdom won't let you sleep, add this piece of sun to it... 2 drops on your pillow will ensure that night lets you sleep and rest properly.
  • If you don't dare have fun and seek spontaneity unless you've drunk gallons of alcohol, sweet orange will help you lift your barriers without losing control. It lets happiness and curiosity in. Add some Davana to live a stress-free joyful life! 
  • Have your lemon tarts become rather common? Add a few drops of sweet orange oil to them and let this special taste delight your friends!
Little suns hanging on rather cute little trees.
A path in an orchard is one arm of a galaxy with oranges stars, the Hesperides' Gardens. Gardens where hope never ends: one only needs to stretch one's arm to grab a sun. No black hole, no sidereal gap, just like abundance!
Have you ever noticed that we never talk about the orange tree but always about oranges? As if that tree was there for its fruit and only for it. A tiny tree of the family of Rutaceae. A tree which bears fruits on a graceful and thin trunk, without having to dig in it.
And its surprising finesse. Not immediately noticeable when you think of it. No, when fruits grow. Dozens of plump and round fruits. Oranges like as many bombs, generously ripe. All hanging on flimsy twigs of thin branches. And here they remain, still in their all-maturity.
The spines of all citrus trees are almost imperceptible, leaving the way clear for the harvester ... very happy that the tree does not oppose any barrier. The leaves keep, the curiosity of their entire family: little wings on their petiole.
Orange is like life: happiness that is worth being picked! 
Fun and happy, smiley and joyful, sweet orange helps you to feel more amused, enthusiastic and friendlier with the people around you.
Helps to overcome inhibitions.
Encourages curiosity.
Makes you more playful.
Stimulates creativity, intuition and femininity. 
Keeps hard feelings away.
Reduces nervousness (before exams, for example).
Calms and shifts stress.
Helps to collaborate with other people and accept their collaboration as well.
Soothes hyper-perfectionist intolerance towards self and others.
Pessimism gives way to more lightness.
Short-term antidepressant.

Calmant, Tranquillisant, Relaxant
Sédatif, Somnifère
Stimule la concentration, Améliore les facultés mentales
Antinauséeux, Antivomitif
Antitumoral, Anticancéreux (Adjuvant)
Antifongique, Antimycosique
Draineur du foie, Dépuratif hépatique
Cholagogue, Stimule l’expulsion de la bile
Digestif, Apéritif
Spasmolytique, Antispasmodique
Hypotenseur adaptogène
Cholérétique, Stimule la production de bile
Fébrifuge direct, Diminue la fièvre
Antiparasitaire, Vermifuge
Régulateur cardiaque

Irritabilité, Enervement, Hypersensibilité
Troubles de l’endormissement, Troubles du sommeil, Insomnie
Manque de concentration, Inattention
Nausées de voyage, Nausées de grossesse, Vomissements
Cancer, Métastases, Affections précancéreuses, En soutien au traitement antitumoral
Angoisses, Anxiété
Mycose unguéale, Mycose cutanée
Boutons, folliculites, Furoncles, Anthrax, Abcès, Escarre
Affection hépatique, Surcharge hépatique, Repas gras
Digestion lourde, Indigestion, Repas copieux, Manque d’appétit
Ballonnements, Gaz intestinaux, Crampes intestinales
Hypertension artérielle, HTA, Pression élevée
Insuffisance de sécrétion biliaire, Repas gras
Fièvre, Etat fébrile
Parasites intestinaux, Vers intestinaux, Amibiase, Ascaridiase, Oxyurose
Palpitations cardiaques, Troubles du rythme cardiaque

Stabilises Vata
Refreshes Pitta
Develops Kapha

But in an enthusiastic, quick, spontaneous way!

Monoterpenes (limonene 90-95%, little scattered percentage of myrcene, alpha-pinene, sabinene)
Monoterpene alcohols (linalool up to 1-2%)
Furanocoumarins (bergapten)
Ketone: none

        Batch, ORA2000/1  (PDF, 181 Ko, French)

        Batch, ORA501K101912 (PDF, 183 Ko, French)
        Batch, ORA501C150037 (PDF, 183 Ko)
External use: proves slightly dermocaustic when repeatedly applied in the same area.
Keep out of reach of children.
Children and pregnant women: no other known contraindications.

Essential Oils

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