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Latin names: Commiphora
French name: Myrrhe 
Other English names: Myrrh
Extracted from: oleoresin gum (Somalie)
  • Very useful for little cuts caused by cooking: one drop of pure oil on the cut regularly.
  • To calm down the least “calmable” of the most excited people… to diffuse in the room.
  • A slow massage with myrrh oil calms and awakens you to spirituality.
  • To spray or diffuse, myrrh is a wonder to support meditation!
Myrrh worships places like desert. And also India! They are small gnarled and tortured trees that know how to defend their leaves when nothing else grows around them. Indeed, if an animal could graze easily, it would probably not be stopped by a few leaves. This would even make it stubborn under the bright sun ... Let's try and understand this poor herbivore...
Its flowers are unisexual and are held in small groups close to the trunk, very close to what is the tree's structure. So do the leaves. They do not grow hovering in ether. All dressed in spirituality, this tree wears attributes that show how very happy it is to belong to the material world. We should let ourselves be inspired by it more often!
The resin is collected from the trunk through incisions that should not be too deep. A sort of juice flows out and dries on contact with the air, forming "pebbles". They are picked from the trunk directly, to be distilled in water vapour and thus give the essential oil. But sometimes they are burned on charcoal to deify a place before religious ceremonies. 
Tranquillises, calms and soothes.
Powerfully reduces any fear.
Reduces the fear of death.
Awakens to the feeling of spirituality.
Encourages love and respect for all living creatures.
Among other types of myrrh, Molmol myrrh
Has a soothing effect, despite being vibrant
and is a singularly dynamic sort of myrrh.

Anti-odontalgique, Antalgique dentaire, Diminue les douleurs dentaires
Régénérant gingival
Vulnéraire, Cicatrisant, Participe de plusieurs façons à la guérison de plaies
Antiprurique, Antiprurigineux, Combat les démangeaisons
Immunostimulant, Stimulant immunitaire
Calmant, Tranquillisant, Relaxant
Anaphrodisiaque adaptogène, Diminue les excès d’ardeur sexuelle
Antifongique, Antimycosique
Sédatif, Somnifère
Tonifiant, Tonique, Stimulant
Anti-céphalée, Antalgique anti-maux de tête
Antihistaminique, Antiallergique
Utérotonique, Tonifie l’utérus
Hypocholestérolémiant, Diminue le taux de cholestérol
Anticoagulant adaptogène
Antitumoral, Anticancéreux (Adjuvant)
Régulateur thyroïdien

Poussée dentaire du nourrisson
Douleurs dentaires
Parodontose, Décollement gingival, Déchaussement, Gingivite
Angine, Mal de gorge, Amygdalite
Boutons, folliculites, Furoncles, Anthrax, Abcès, Escarre
Lésions musculaires, Lésions tendineuses, Lésions ligamentaires, Lésions tissulaires
Plaies, Coupures, Cicatrices, Abrasions, Egratignures
Brûlures, Coups de soleil
Inflammations, Tendinite, Ligamentite, Arthrite
Rhumatismes, Arthrite, Arthrose
Courbatures, Douleurs musculaires
Démangeaisons, Prurit, Piqûres d’insectes
Maladie infectieuse bactérienne ou virale en soutien à la lutte anti-infectieuse
Maladie infectieuse, Faiblesse immunitaire, Immunodéficience
Angoisses, Anxiété
Irritabilité, Enervement, Hypersensibilité
Excès d’ardeur sexuelle (ne diminue que lors d’excès patent)
Troubles de l’endormissement, Troubles du sommeil, Insomnie
Mycose unguéale, Mycose cutanée
Fatigue générale, Coup de pompe, Surmenage
Dépression, Déprime, Coup de blues
Maux de crâne, Maux de tête, Céphalées, Migraines simples
Allergie, Rhume des foins, Asthme allergique
Préparation à l’accouchement
Vergetures (préventif)
Thrombose, Sang épaissi, Hypercoagulation
Cancer, Métastases, Affections précancéreuses, En soutien au traitement antitumoral

Calms Pitta a lot
Brings Kapha's serenity
Soothes Vata

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        Batch  MYR2001/1  (PDF, 210 Ko, French)

        Batch  MYR501L090513  (PDF, 348 Ko, French)
Uterotonic: should not be used on a pregnant woman.
No other contraindications within physiological dosage.
Keep out of reach of children.
Children and pregnant women: uterotonic - should not be used on a pregnant woman.

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