Lemon (yellow)

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Latin names : Citrus limonum
French names : Citron jaune, Citronnier, Poncire commun
Other English names : Yellow lemon
Extracted from : peel, by cold-pressure 
  • Surprising smell, that of Indian lemons. Rich, unexpected, it offers a whole range of different fragrances, which refine and embellish the characteristic smell of our fruit plates – generally tasteless. 
  • If you feel your mind is flying in all directions, feel free to diffuse it! Exams, taxes, job or letter, make lemon flow out of its bottle! Reduced concentration? Take it out with no hesitation! When thoughts become too fuzzy, smell lemon, easy! 
    1. In the first one, add 2 drops of lemon.
    2. In the second one, add 2 drops of orange.
    3. In the third one, add 2 drops of lime. 
    4. In the fourth one, add 2 drops of grapefruit. 
  • Tarts? Divide your cream into 3 bowls :
  • Pour it on the pastry base and ... impress your friends as well as your tastebuds !
  • How easy, what a handy friend! 
  • With lemon essence in your kitchen, no need to buy lemon to cook. Hence, no need to clean the press. No need to throw old rotten lemons away. No need to buy new ones when you run out. 
The fruit remain the only source of vitamins, but the essential oil is the friend of your cuisine!
Lemon tree is one of these strange trees that we could call magic. 
What does anyone say when they see a tree ? "Big". Yes, it's always one of the first words pronounced. 
Here is a surprise which does not depend on its height to be of great value. Like Frodo Baggins, this tree can do great things though we'd rather look above it than bend over to look at it due to its small size. 
We often see pots on balconies, where a tiny few-inches-high tree grows. It looks rather fragile, but it is highly surprising. Indeed, it bears fruits. A lot of them. And not little, light fruits, no... big and beautiful lemons hang on the branches of this bone-y tree. 
It doesn't need to be big to make fruits but it can be. It is a generous, prolific tree. It belongs to the family of rutaceae (citrus) 
We all know the fruit. No need to describe it here. Petioles attached to twigs have the distinction of being fitted with small wings, as if the leave wanted to be a leaf before the birth of the lamina. All eager to participate in photosynthesis, the leaf does not take the time to be a simple piece of wood whose unique function is to desperately hang to the branch. The latter often have thorns. Probably so that animals' appetite is satisfied by the fruits of which this tree is prolific. 
Helps you to work in different ways and stimulates functions of the left brain.
Greatly improves concentration. 
Allows you to be clearer with ideas.
Improves analytic skills.
Reduces the urge to flee work; it's very effective for anti-procrastination.
Encourages faster decision-making.
Calms the tendency to have nightmares.
Stimule la concentration, Améliore les facultés mentales
Antihalitosique, Combat la mauvaise haleine
Antitumoral, Anticancéreux (Adjuvant)
Artériotonique, Tonique artériel, Tonique de la micro-circulation artérielle
Antifongique, Antimycosique
Antiparasitaire, Vermifuge
Draineur du foie, Dépuratif hépatique
Tonique hépatique, Hépatotonique, Tonique du foie
Cholagogue, Stimule l’expulsion de la bile
Cholérétique, Stimule la production de bile
Tonifiant, Tonique, Stimulant
Antinauséeux, Antivomitif
Digestif, Apéritif
Insectifuge, Eloigne les insectes (spécifique fourmis)
Manque de concentration, Inattention
Mauvaise haleine, Halitose
Cancer, Métastases, Affections précancéreuses, En soutien au traitement antitumoral
Insuffisance artérielle locale
Mycose unguéale, Mycose cutanée
Parasites intestinaux, Vers intestinaux, Amibiase, Ascaridiase, Oxyurose
Lithiase biliaire, Calculs biliaires, Boue biliaire (attention expulse)
Fatigue générale, Coup de pompe, Surmenage
Nausées de voyage, Nausées de grossesse, Vomissements
Digestion lourde, Indigestion, Repas copieux, Manque d’appétit
Affection hépatique, Surcharge hépatique, Repas gras
Fourmis, Invasion de fourmis ou insectes rampants
Syndrome de Raynaud
Stimulates Pitta's intellectual skills.
Recentres Vata.
Diminishes Kapha by setting it into action.

Monoterpenes 90-95% (25-80% d-limonene 25-80%, b-pinene, g-terpinene)
Sesquiterpenes (b-bisabolene)
Subterpenic aldehydes (less than C10: traces)
Aliphatic subterpenic alcohols (less than C10: traces)
Pyranocoumarines (umbelliferone)Furanocoumarins (bergapten)
Ketone: None

        Batch LEM401A112697 (PDF, 306 Ko, French)

External use : may be slightly dermocaustic when used repeatedly on the same area.
Keep out of reach of children.
Children, pregnant women: no other contraindication.

Essential Oils

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