Jasmine (royal)

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Latin names: 
Jasminum grandiflorum= Spanish jasmine
French names: 
Jasmin à grandes fleurs = Jasmin royal
Other English names: Sambac, Jessamine, Spanish jasmine
Extracted from: flowers
  • Putting on jasmine as a perfume is a joy that quickly spreads among other people!
  • 1 or 2 drops on painful breasts and massage.
  • In a face lotion: softens and moisturises dry skin and gives face a satin look.
  • Flowery; its sweet bouquet intrigues, enchants, captivates and attracts... 
Jasmine is an oleaceae (Family of peace olive tree). This beautiful creeper likes light, warmth and well moist soil. Its leaves are divided into small spearhead-shaped leaflets in odd groups: one as a peak and two face-to-face on the same plane. Species from which we take absolutes have white flowers like slender trumpets which become a corolla of dazzling whiteness. 
Necklaces are made of jasmine. Imagine garlands of jasmine. Sit comfortably, close your eyes (ehm once you have read the sentence...), relax for one minute and imagine your neck being covered with a jasmine necklace... Now smell the fragrance - and do so until you feel the emotion that the smell of this enveloping plant inspires you. Now, good, there is a smile on your face. It's simply happiness “jasmined up” on your lips!
It is traditionally an offer to the gods on altars in temples. They are also worn during weddings and nowadays we can see sellers in the middle of the traffic in major cities, standing between the cars at full speed, giving out jasmine to perfume the air and replace the smell of petrol by the smell of the flower. It really changes one's mood and all the stress of traffic falls down abruptly. 
It has to be cropped during late night (the trumpet-shaped flowers open to insects like butterflies and 90% of the world's species of butterflies fly at night). The flowers impress with their smell and therefore perfume the air when their favourite pollinators go out. It is very delicate to harvest jasmine and experienced picker can expect to gather a maximum of 800 grams in a full hour. 
1,000 kilograms (5,000 according to sources) of flowers are needed for one kilo of absolute. 
Cherish your bottle: Each millilitre is worth 8,000 flowers! 
If my calculations are correct, this brings us up close to 400 flowers per drop! 
It is therefore as valuable as a caress to the soul...
Brings passion.
Captivates passionately.
To love and want to love...
Reanimates when there has been too much lethargy.
Helps to find life projects again.
Utérotonique, Tonifie l’utérus
Tonifiant, Tonique, Stimulant
Régulateur séborrhéique
Fatigue sexuelle, Désintérêt sexuel
Préparation à l’accouchement
Fatigue générale, Coup de pompe, Surmenage
Hyperséborrhée, Sécrétion sébacée surabondante
Douleurs mammaires, Mammalgie, Engorgement mammaire
Angoisses, Anxiété
Stimulates passionate Pitta
Increases cuddly Kapha
Diminishes Vata

Monoterpene esters (benzyl acetate)
Monoterpene alcohols (linalool)
Terpene alcohols not (cis-and trans-phytol)
Ketone: none
Furanocoumarins: none

        Batch Spanish jasmine JAS5004/57 (PDF, 253 Ko, French)
        Batch Jasmine Sambac absolute JSA2001/1   (PDF, 249 Ko, French)

        Batch Jasmine Sambac absolute JSA401J092673   (PDF, 422 Ko, French)
Uterotonic so it should not be used on pregnant women.
External use: no other contraindication.
Should not be used internally as it is an absolute.
Keep out of reach of children.
Children and pregnant women: uterotonic, so it should not be used on a pregnant woman.

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