« A country that doesn't leave one indifferent and from which one never comes back the same »

A country full of treasures


Ayurveda is a medical system that dates back more than 5,000 years ; it is indeed in India that the most important medicinal plants can be found.

KERALA, a state in the South of India where most Gedane products come from, is a state where pesticides are banned and where exploiting sandalwood is forbidden.

The only insecticide used in the area is not chemical, it is Lemongrass : a plant for essential oil !

India is also a vanguard, a responsible country where there is a Ministry for Environment and Forests.

Its greatest strength is the fact that this country knows how to combine modernity and traditions.

It is interesting to notice that India is the cradle of 4 major religions : hinduism, buddhism, jainism and sikhism.

23 official languages for the country : that is another example of a traditional multi-culture.

One should not forget that the "number zero" was invented there, which revolutionised sciences throughout the world, as was chess !

It is also from India that the Sanskrit language comes, origin of all indo-european languages.

An autonomous country


After the disaster of the tsunami, India was the only country to refuse international aid,

being aware of the fact that it could, and maybe even should, face this tragedy by itself,

and also to avoid having debts, which would have aggravated the situation.

A modern country


India is known to be a state of the art country (aerospatial technologies, informatics among many others) which dares think its socio-economic modernity differently.

Here is a striking example :

India uses self-orbited satellites for distance education and telehealth,

in other words : to take care of the population's body and mind even in the most remote areas.

It is important to point out that, despite internal conflicts, India has never waged war on foreign countries.

An attractive country


One can only think of going (back) there one day...

Even just to discover all this beauty,
this particular energy instilled by such large cultural wealth.

Smells, faces, contrasts, landscapes …

India is talked about as if it were a continent, but it is actually a whole world of its own !

Essential Oils

Agatophylle Agatophylle leaves Ajowan Ajwain All-spice Allspice Angelica Arabian jasmine Archangel Balsam fir Basil (exotic) Bay laurel Bergamot Bigaradier feuilles Black Pepper Black pepper Black spruce Blue ginger Camphor cineol CT leaves 1,8-cineole (Madagascar) Cananga Cane Cardamom Cedar (Atlas) Celery Ceylan citronella Chamomile Chamomile (roman) Chamomile(roman) Cilanthro (leaves) Cinnamon Cinnamon (bark) Cinnamon (leaves) Cinnamon bark Cinnamon leaves Citronella Clove Clove bud Clove leaf Cochingrass Common sage Coriander Cumin Cupressus Curcuma Curry leaf Curry plant Curry tree Cuscusgrass Cypress Davana Dill East-indian Lemongrass Eucalyptus radiata Everlasting Exotic basil Fennel Fir Fir (Balsam) Fir (balsam) Flag Frankincense Frankincense (salai) Galanga Galangal Garden Angelica Garden dill Geranium Ginger Gingergrass Grapefruit Greater galanga Green Mandarin Green Pepper Green cardamom Green pepper Grey eucalyptus Helichrysum angustifolium Helichrysum italicum Holy basil Ilang-ilang Indian Basil Indian Frankincense Indian wintergreen Jamanatsi Jasmine Jasmine (arabian) Jasmine (royal) Jeera safed Jessamine Juniper berries Khus-khus Lavender Lemon Lemon (yellow) Lemongrass Limetta Macassar-oil plant Malabargrass Mandarin Mediterranean sweet lemon Mulilam Muskroot Myrrh Nard Nardin Narrow leaf eucalyptus Narrow leaved peppermint Norway pine Officinal lavender Officinal rosemary Orange Orange (sweet) Orange bergamot Orange peel Oranger amer feuilles Oregano Palmarosa Parsley Patchouli Pelargonium Pepper Peppermint Petitgrain Bigarade Pimento Pine Pine (Norway) Pomelo Ravensara Ravintsara Roman chamomile Rose geranium Rose pelargonium Rosemary Rosemary borneon Rosha grass Royal jasmine Sacred basil Sage Salai Frankincense Salvia Sambac Scotch pine Shaddock Spanish jasmine Spearmint Spearmint Spikenard Spruce Sweet cane Sweet celery Sweet fennel Sweet flag Sweet lemon Sweet lime Sweet limetta Sweet orange Tea tree Tea tree m.a. Thai galangal Thai ginger Thyme Thyme (thymol) Tropical Basil True lavender Tulsi Turmeric Turmeric (aromatica) Turmeric (longa) Valerian Vanilla Vetiver White Pepper White cumin White pepper Wild marjoram Wintergreen Yellow lemon Ylang-ylang Zanthoxylum