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Latin names: Citrus paradisi, Citrus x paradisi, Citrus maxima var racemosa
French names: Pamplemousse, Grapefruit, Shaddock
Other English names: Grapefruit, Shaddock, Pomelo
Extracted from: peel. Cold-pressed (Israel)
  • Parents and group leaders, here comes a little bit of peace for your teenagers! Grapefruit is emotionally stress-relieving and brings realism.
  • Look how beautiful this piece of cake is...! 
    Strolling in the street, you come across a bakery and start drooling over a generous piece of cake... How can you possibly resist?
    There is no efficient appetite-suppressant oil. But smelling grapefruit can help you to resist, feel good about it and go away (just like Vanilla).
    After all, it only takes a few more seconds to do so...
  • Fancy discovering new coffee flavours? 
    Enjoy and let your guests have fun with you! 
    With an Italian coffee maker, pour water and coffee as usually, and add one drop of grapefruit essential oil. Screw the lid on and leave it to heat. Reveal your trick before serving and see how surprised people can be! 

    Just like all citrus fruits, if the fruit is full of vitamins, the oil is your kitchen's friend!
This tree belongs to the family of Rutaceae. It is a kind of citrus tree with a few thorns on the branches like all its brothers and sisters.
According to sources, it is a hybrid between pomelo and orange. According to other sources, Pomelo is a hybrid between the Grapefruit and Orange. But according to other sources again, the orange is a hybrid between the Grapefruit and Mandarin. On top of it, names in different languages change between Pomelo, Grapefruit. Anyways, it is a tree that bears fruits and that exists. The rest is a story of genetics that time may have already erased the footprints of.
This is an average-sized tree. It also looks frail: narrow trunk and branches and extremely thin twigs. So much so that, frankly, strolling through an orchard of grapefruit is not very reassuring.
Think about it! You know the size of the fruit right? Imagine it hanging down a branch, which bends under its weight three feet above your fragile head. Imagine that you walk by. Without a helmet. That makes you think right ?
Especially if a cool breeze makes our sweet little trees sway and dance with their numerous heavy fruits. Indeed, here is the grapefruit-ing on the cake: the name "grapefruit" implies that they grow in clusters, just like grapes.
So, do miracles exist? Yes. And the fact that grapefruits remain clinging to the branches of their trees is probably one of the clearest indications of that.
Eases emotional stress .
Calms hyperactive people.
Calms moods when they're boiling.
Increases the sense of reality and helps to accept more realistic expectations.
Reduces the urge to fill the body.
Diminishes frustration.
Calms the need to eat caused by too much pressure. 

Antihalitosique, Combat la mauvaise haleine
Stimule la concentration, Améliore les facultés mentales
Calmant, Tranquillisant, Relaxant
Antinauséeux, Antivomitif
Digestif, Apéritif
Carminatif, Facilite l’expulsion de gaz intestinaux
Antitartre, Combat le tartre
Antifongique, Antimycosique
Sédatif, Somnifère
Draineur du foie, Dépuratif hépatique
Tonique hépatique, Hépatotonique, Tonique du foie
Cholagogue, Stimule l’expulsion de la bile
Cholérétique, Stimule la production de bile
Antiparasitaire, Vermifuge
Tonifiant, Tonique, Stimulant
Antitumoral, Anticancéreux (Adjuvant)
Dissipe l’acide lactique
Diminue le taux d’acide urique

Mauvaise haleine, Halitose
Manque de concentration, Inattention
Irritabilité, Enervement, Hypersensibilité
Nausées de voyage, Nausées de grossesse, Vomissements
Digestion lourde, Indigestion, Repas copieux, Manque d’appétit
Ballonnements, Gaz intestinaux, Crampes intestinales
Tartre dentaire
Mycose unguéale, Mycose cutanée
Boutons, folliculites, Furoncles, Anthrax, Abcès, Escarre
Troubles de l’endormissement, Troubles du sommeil, Insomnie
Affection hépatique, Surcharge hépatique, Repas gras
Lithiase biliaire, Calculs biliaires, Boue biliaire (attention expulse)
Parasites intestinaux, Vers intestinaux, Amibiase, Ascaridiase, Oxyurose
Fatigue générale, Coup de pompe, Surmenage
Cancer, Métastases, Affections précancéreuses, En soutien au traitement antitumoral
Acide lactique : taux d’acide lactique élevé
Urémie, Taux d’acide urique élevé

Diminishes Vata in every direction.
Recentres Pitta around its usefulness.
Improves Kapha's placidity.

Monoterpenes (90-98% d-limonene, alpha-pinene: traces to 2%, myrcene: traces to 2%)
Esters (benzyl benzoate traces, traces of linalyl acetate)
Sesquiterpenes (beta-caryophyllene 0.05 to 1%)
Sesquiterpenones (nootkanone up to 0.04%)
Pyranocoumarines (auraptène, limettine, méranzine)
Furanocoumarins (esculetin, bergaptol)
Monoterpénones: not significant

        Batch, PAMB717015 (PDF 254 Ko, French)       
        Batch, PAMB717012 (PDF 519,7 Ko, French)

External use: may prove slightly dermocaustic when applied repeatedly at the same place.
Children, pregnant women: no other contraindications.
Keep out of reach of children.

Essential Oils

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