Fourth chakra


Anahata is its sanskrit name, which means unhurt, un-struck and unbeaten.


It is located in the middle of the chest. It is turned backwards and forwards.




Air. It represents relationships, the feeling of being part of a family. Simplicity, love and being non-jugemental.

Physical body

Emotions, feelings

It is in charge of harmony in relationships, of the feeling of being connected to the others around. It governs one's will to create new contacts and one's nobility and beauty that derive from simple relationships. It carries the understanding and application of symbiosis. It allows one to love before judging let alone fusion with or appreciation of others.

In good condition

With a well- developped 4th chakra, one live simply : the ability to go towards other people, to take them in one's arms whoever they are. One had the ability not to denigrate anyone, because they might be inferior or based on their differing beliefs or attitudes. Neither does one worship anyone for they might be superior. One allows oneself to feel familiar, equal with all people. Other people's joy and happiness vibrate in one's heart because it nourishes him (let alone the need of pleasure to live happily). One gets his own power from this non-judgemental love. Besides, this is a well-developed chakra with natural therapists, those who do not need tools or techniques to cure someone, or who started performing their art without any tool or technique.

In poor condition

With a weak or unbalanced chakra, one judges. One marks and stresses one's opinion on other people. One can struggle to accept that other people's ways of living, behaving or doing may be different but still worth respecting. At least that it suits those people and that it will not hurt one. One can also refuse to touch or be touched. Racism, homophobia, selfishness, disrespect of the planet, feeling superior, little schemes are born by a heart chakra which was not sufficiently nourished and never allowed to express itself.


To strengthen it

Ask yourself in any situation : "What yould Love do in this situation?" Accept the idea of accepting that other people's wellbeing might be very different from what you think would be good for them. Let your heart express itself as often as possible. Smile. Smile often. Smile all the time. Smile for as many different reasons as you can think of : when stopped at traffic lights, when you find a seat in the bus, everytime your phone rings, to whoever you walk past in a street.

Huiles essentielles

Angélique archangélique, Basilic exotique, Basilic saint, Cardamome, Cèdre de l'Himalaya, Clavalier de l'Inde, Jasmin, Myrrhe molmol, Palmarosa, Thym vulgaire à thymol, Vanille