First chakra


Muladhara is the sanskrit name, which means root, support. It is indeed the base which other chakras lean on.


It is found at the perineum, between the anus and the genitals. At the very bottom of the human being, it faces the earth and has got extensions in the legs and feet, like roots.




Earth. it represents substance, embodiment, the factuality of all things.

Physical body

Emotions, feelings

It activates self-confidence, security, stability and the relation to the substance. It also carries the one's relation to their own body. It represents pragmatism and the sense of reality. It boosts the power coming up from the Earth.

In good condition

With a well-developped 1st chakra, one has both feet on the ground, feeling one's roots. You feel confident, secure and stable both in your emotions and opinion. You hold out despite everything happening around you. You are persevering, pragmatic, realistic. You know how to prioritise, you know what you have to do, you know how to complete your tasks in the right order while respecting the goals you have fixed. Finally, you realise your plans, you materialise them and take them to the end. 

In poor condition

With a weak ou unbalanced 1st chakra, one doesn't feel one's roots. You feel little confidence, procrastinate, reappraise everything all the time. You feel unsecure, unstable. Emotionally vulnerable, fragile when it comes to defending or holding on to your position, you barely prioritise and rarely follow procedures efficiently. What you do is not substantial and never materialise. You do not make or create actual things, staying at the conceptual stage of the process. You'd rather stand back.


To strengthen it

You should go to the end of things. Experiment by substance and go deep down into it. Prioritise and stick to it. Frame yourself. Finish what you have started. Take care of your physical body and enjoy physical pleasure. Smell nice things (like essential oils for example!). Eat enough food regularly. Do things completely and largely (in good proportions, nice clothes, turn down all half-measure). Lie on the ground and feel the contact with the it consciously.

Essential oils

Acore roseau, Angélique archangélique, Basilic exotique à métylchavicol, Basilic saint, Cannelle de Ceylan, Cèdre de l'Himalaya, Clavalier de l'Inde, Girofle, Muscade, Myrrhe molmol, Palmarosa, Patchouli, Persil plat, Poivre, Quatre-épices, Romarin officinal à bornéone,Thym vulgaire à thymol, Valériane, Vétiver...