Fifth chakra


Vishuddha is its sanskrit name, which means to purify.


It is located on the neck, lower throat. it is turned backwards and forwards.


Light blue


Ether. It represents space, place, circulation, abundance, communication and creativity.

Physical body

Emotions, feelings

It is in charge of sharing and exchanging. The way we make communication, information or goods flow around us depends on how we see the space around us. Like a time-space continuum likely to be altered with an irremediable Law of attraction of all messages we send out, no matter which means we choose or who stands on the way between emission and reception. Or like a rigid time-space with the need for any message to go out and come back in order to allow exchange, which requires a lot of efforts and a poor network, hence exhaustible.

In good condition

With a well-developped 5th chakra, one communicates easily. It is even really enjoyable. One materialises the exchange one feels by sharing. Sharing words, emotions, happiness, sadness, opportunities, skills and talents. One talks and listens, sharing information. Meanwhile, shares one's know-how, dedicates time to make one's neighbourhood happier and nicer. One knows how to give as much as to take; Christmas gifts, money, help, a kiss.

In poor condition

With a weak or unbalanced 5th chakra, it is difficult for one to exchange, or one does it inelegantly. Not letting out who he really is, what he really thinks, one becomes withdrawn from sharing his true self. On the contrary, one does not accept who one is and becomes exuberant, speaks, gossips, talks and chats without a real message, or with a useless one, that makes no one grow up, evolve or improve. It may also be that reception is blocked, in that one remains closed and impenetrable to any new concept or idea, or irrepressibly needs to accumulate more and more knowledge and information.


To strengthen it

Force yourslef, even just for fun, to alternate listening and talking in a conversation. After 5 minutes, stop, even if you could carry on for hours, and ask your interlocutor if they have a similar experience, what they have lived etc. Read a lot. Talk to trees. Give and be sure that the Universe will give it back. That it will be given back as what we want or what we do not consciously want but is 100% beneficial.

Huiles essentielles

Cardamome, Coriandre, Encens salai, Gingergrass, Menthe poivrée, Menthe verte, Nigelle de Damas, Vanille commune