Diffusion blends box

CODE: 235

CHF 54.85


Discovery blends : 3 bottles of 10 ml

3 diffusion blends to perfume the whole space

The box contains :

Joyeux noël : (Merry Christmas) a cheerful smell
To create a christmasy ambiance, softly bring the pleasure of sharing, giving, and joy.

Orange, cinnamon bark, lime, etc.

Diffusion Zen : (Zen diffusion) a relaxing and soothing smell
Nothing compares to this beautiful blend after a tough day at work (or before one) to gain serenity.
And how about during this tough day so it goes easy ?
Also to diffuse in the bedroom an hour before going to bed for a good night.

Palmarosa, Frankincense, Cedarwood. etc .....

Réchauffant d'Ambiance : (Warm ambiance) a warm and sweet smell
After diffusion, the room will not only be warmer physically but also emotionnally.
Warmth will wrap you up.

Clove leaf, Black pepper, orange, etc ...

Indications can also be found on the band around the box (in French) but you can see the properties on the website.

No contraindications for this use.
Put about 10 drops in a diffuser.

Blends are certified organic (Indocert), 100% pure and natural, pesticide-free.

The packaging is in french, if you really need it in english, just let us know before to order. 
You have all the indications which are in the packaging in the list above. 

Essential Oils

Agatophylle Agatophylle leaves Ajowan Ajwain All-spice Allspice Angelica Arabian jasmine Archangel Balsam fir Basil (exotic) Bay laurel Bergamot Bigaradier feuilles Black Pepper Black pepper Black spruce Blue ginger Camphor cineol CT leaves 1,8-cineole (Madagascar) Cananga Cane Cardamom Cedar (Atlas) Celery Ceylan citronella Chamomile Chamomile (roman) Chamomile(roman) Cilanthro (leaves) Cinnamon Cinnamon (bark) Cinnamon (leaves) Cinnamon bark Cinnamon leaves Citronella Clove Clove bud Clove leaf Cochingrass Common sage Coriander Cumin Cupressus Curcuma Curry leaf Curry plant Curry tree Cuscusgrass Cypress Davana Dill East-indian Lemongrass Eucalyptus radiata Everlasting Exotic basil Fennel Fir Fir (Balsam) Fir (balsam) Flag Frankincense Frankincense (salai) Galanga Galangal Garden Angelica Garden dill Geranium Ginger Gingergrass Grapefruit Greater galanga Green Mandarin Green Pepper Green cardamom Green pepper Grey eucalyptus Helichrysum angustifolium Helichrysum italicum Holy basil Ilang-ilang Indian Basil Indian Frankincense Indian wintergreen Jamanatsi Jasmine Jasmine (arabian) Jasmine (royal) Jeera safed Jessamine Juniper berries Khus-khus Lavender Lemon Lemon (yellow) Lemongrass Limetta Macassar-oil plant Malabargrass Mandarin Mediterranean sweet lemon Mulilam Muskroot Myrrh Nard Nardin Narrow leaf eucalyptus Narrow leaved peppermint Norway pine Officinal lavender Officinal rosemary Orange Orange (sweet) Orange bergamot Orange peel Oranger amer feuilles Oregano Palmarosa Parsley Patchouli Pelargonium Pepper Peppermint Petitgrain Bigarade Pimento Pine Pine (Norway) Pomelo Ravensara Ravintsara Roman chamomile Rose geranium Rose pelargonium Rosemary Rosemary borneon Rosha grass Royal jasmine Sacred basil Sage Salai Frankincense Salvia Sambac Scotch pine Shaddock Spanish jasmine Spearmint Spearmint Spikenard Spruce Sweet cane Sweet celery Sweet fennel Sweet flag Sweet lemon Sweet lime Sweet limetta Sweet orange Tea tree Tea tree m.a. Thai galangal Thai ginger Thyme Thyme (thymol) Tropical Basil True lavender Tulsi Turmeric Turmeric (aromatica) Turmeric (longa) Valerian Vanilla Vetiver White Pepper White cumin White pepper Wild marjoram Wintergreen Yellow lemon Ylang-ylang Zanthoxylum