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Latin names: Cymbopogon nardus, Andropogon nardus, Cymbopogon afronardus, Cymbopogon validus
French names: Citronnelle de Ceylan, Herbe-bleue africaine
Other English names: Citronella
Extracted from: aerial parts
  • Mosquito repellent known worldwide... useful but controverted. Indeed, it has to be repeatedly applied on the skin and is only efficient where it was rubbed (left arm oiled up only = right arm unprotected). Efficiency depends on how strong mosquitoes are. And it's so well known that it is easily forgotten... Shame!
  • Citronella can be used to keep cats at distance from your plants in pots (2-3 drops from time to time so that kitty doesn't spread soil all around the flat).
  • When the world has shrunk to very little, citronella helps to enlarge it again and avoid bitterness.
  • After hiking, fungus will go away and hide, sensing citronella draw nearer. One drop on the fungus repeatedly ensures success.
  • To spray in the closet (on shoes and socks in particular) so they smell good.
  • To make fruit salad taste more lemony (with watermelon and mint to cool down during the summer).

Citronella provides many gardens throughout the world with this lemony smell. It grows bushily. Indeed, it is simply a kind of grass. But one kind that rises one-and-half meter (4.8 ft.) high up and is few meters / ft. thick.

Reduces sharp and aggressive answers.
Avoids embitterment.
Helps you to put up with a few irritations.
Enlarges the world when you’re closed up in your cocoon. 
Helps you to remember what optimism is.
Gives more space.
Insectifuge, Eloigne les insectes
Antifongique, Antimycosique
Carminatif, Facilite l’expulsion de gaz intestinaux
Spasmolytique, Antispasmodique
Tonifiant, Tonique, Stimulant
Antinauséeux, Antivomitif
Digestif, Apéritif
Antihalitosique, Combat la mauvaise haleine
Fébrifuge direct, Diminue la fièvre
Antiprurique, Antiprurigineux, Combat les démangeaisons
Stimule la concentration, Améliore les facultés mentales
Moustiques et insectes volants
Mycose unguéale, Mycose cutanée
Ballonnements, Gaz intestinaux, Crampes intestinales
Infections digestives, Grippe intestinale, Gastro-entérite, Turista, Choléra
Fatigue générale, Coup de pompe, Surmenage
Nausées de voyage, Nausées de grossesse, Vomissements
Digestion lourde, Indigestion, Repas copieux, Manque d’appétit
Mauvaise haleine, Halitose
Fièvre, Etat fébrile
Inflammations, Tendinite, Ligamentite, Arthrite
Rhumatismes, Arthrite, Arthrose
Courbatures, Douleurs musculaires
Démangeaisons, Prurit, Piqûres d’insectes
Manque de concentration, Inattention

Reduces  Pitta and its sharp answers
Reduces Kapha
Increases Vata and its inner freedom

Non-aromatic aldehyde (citronellal 5-7%)
Monoterpene alcohols (15-70% geraniol, citronellol 8-10%, 3-8% borneol)
Phenol methyl ethers (methyl iso-eugenol 4-10%, 1-10% methyl ether, iso-eugenol 1-7%)
Monoterpenes (d-limonene 5-10%)
Esters (geranyl formate, citronellyl acetate, geranyl butyrate)
Ketone: none
Furanocoumarins: none

         Batch CIT2001/2  (PDF, 218 Ko, French)

Slightly dermocaustic.
No other contraindications within physiological dosage.
Keep out of reach of children.
Children and pregnant women should not use this essential oil (phenol-methyl-ethers)

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