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Latin names: Citrus Bergamia Risso et Poiteau, Citrus aurantium subsp bergamia
French names: Bergamote, Orange bergamote
Extracted from: peel (Italy)
  • How sweet is this sister of Orange's! Bergamot is all about emotion, sensitivity, tenderness...
  • To round up any citrus diffusion blend (Orange, Lemon, Lime...) or any other lemony plants (Lemongrass, Citronella...)
  • If you dared dip one foot into the sea of your emotions, Bergamot takes your second foot in! Why not have a bath with a few drops of Davana as well? 
There is a tree of the family Rutaceae, called bergamot. Its fruit is the bergamot and its essential oil bears the same name. 
And that's all we know.
Indeed. When it comes to where it may originate... authors seem to like to have divergent opinions to seek clarification, whereas others seem to prefer remaining in the shadows and smell essential oil quietly. 
Some say it's a cross-species between sour orange and lime. Further it is a cross between a lemon and bitter orange. Others that is cross-species between ... brace yourselves ... citron and a crossing between grapefruit and tangerine!!
About its origins, struggling seems to take precedence over consensus.
Anyway, it is. Not bad, right?
And it is beautiful enough for it to be cultivated on a large scale though it is not a table fruit (naranjine makes it bitter). The peel or the essential oil is used to flavour many things: Earl Grey tea, Cologne, Bergamots from Nancy (candy), Moroccan tagine and many other things.
The tree looks like an orange tree: very leafy. The fruit resembles a small orange. Its shape is close to that of a pear. Its thick and smooth skin is green, like its flesh, all green as well.
So, a nice little tree with a great little fruit that gives wonderful small bottles. And that's it.
Warms relationships gently.
Calms hard feelings and resentment.
Helps to reduce pessimism.
Makes the brain go the intuitive, sensitive way.
Increases feelings of happiness, joy, peacefulness... if ever it has a name.
Very feminine, it stimulates responsiveness.
Makes you more consensual.
Against stress
Calming, Tranquillising, Relaxing
Sedative, Soporific
Carminative, relieves flatulence, induces expulsion of gas from the intestines
Adaptogenic hypotensive
Irritabilité, Enervement, Hypersensibilité
Troubles de l’endormissement, Troubles du sommeil, Insomnie
Angoisses, Anxiété
Hypertension artérielle, HTA, Pression élevée
Ballonnements, Gaz intestinaux, Crampes intestinales
Dépression, Déprime, Coup de blues

Stabilises Vata.
Soften Pitta.
Makes Kapha voluptuous.

Air and Water.

Monoterpenes (35-40% limonene, beta-pinene ~ 5%, gamma-terpinene ~ 5%)
Esters (linalyl acetate 25-35%)
Monoterpene alcohols (linalool 10-15%)
Furanocoumarins (bergapten)
Ketone: None

       Batch, BERB120N20(PDF, 203 Ko, French)

       Batch, BERB120024  (PDF, 246 Ko, French)
External use: proves slightly dermocaustic when used repeatedly in the same place.
Keep out of reach of children.
Children and pregnant women: no other contraindications.

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