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Latin names: Pimenta dioica, Pimenta officinalis
French names: Quatre-épices, Piment de la Jamaïque, (n’est PAS le Bay Saint-Thomas) 
Other English names: All-spice, Allspice, Pimento
Extracted from: dried unripe fruits
  • A highly valuable anti-infectious remedy!
  • Useful in case of tooth decay.
  • Marathonian? Smoker? Need an antioxidant? Spice up your cuisine with a few drops of All-spice oil regularly… far more efficient than vitamin C.
The Four-spice gets its name from its smell and taste: four spices ... in one. Its smell is composed of multiple flavours of clove, cinnamon, nutmeg and pepper. Finally ... the tastes and colours ... we can find Juniper, Ginger and even Coconut replacing one or more of the flavours mentioned above. Moreover, the spice derives from dried fruits whereas we distil the leaves. Let's stay pragmatic and make your own opinion by trying it.
The Myrtaceae is dioecious, that is to say that males and females live their lives individually. They are individuated, probably know it very well and cope with it.
These are tree-bushes about ten feet tall with many leaves, profusion of leaves. Myrtaceae leaves are typical with a well-marked midrib. They have, below, small glands containing essential oil. They smell of clove. Most importantly: the tip of their leaves is sharp. This is how you can differentiate this tree from its cousin, St. Thomas' Bay
Increases confidence.
Reduces feelings of frustration.
Brings more self-respect.
Increases feelings of certainty.
Gives enough courage to speak up.
Increases pragmatism.
Improves attention.
Anti-infectieux général
Préventif d’infections digestives
Antiparasitaire, Vermifuge
Antioxydant, Diminue le nombre de radicaux libres
Rubéfiant, Augmente l’afflux sanguin localement, Préventif d’engelures
Digestif, Apéritif
Tonifiant, Tonique, Stimulant
Antitartre, Combat le tartre
Anti-odontalgique, Antalgique dentaire, Diminue les douleurs dentaires
Immunostimulant, Stimulant immunitaire
Insectifuge, Eloigne les insectes
Antifongique, Antimycosique
Carminatif, Facilite l’expulsion de gaz intestinaux
Utérotonique, Tonifie l’utérus
Dilatateur des sphincters utérins à la naissance
Infections digestives, Grippe intestinale, Gastro-entérite, Turista, Choléra
Maladie infectieuse bactérienne ou virale en soutien à la lutte anti-infectieuse
Grippe ORL, Pneumonie, Bronchite, Bronchiolite, Toux grasse, Sinusite
Cystite, Infections urinaires, Candidose vaginale
Parasites intestinaux, Vers intestinaux, Amibiase, Ascaridiase, Oxyurose
Stress oxydatif
Digestion lourde, Indigestion, Repas copieux, Manque d’appétit
Fatigue sexuelle, Désintérêt sexuel
Fatigue générale, Coup de pompe, Surmenage
Tartre dentaire
Douleurs dentaires
Maladie infectieuse, Faiblesse immunitaire, Immunodéficience
Hypotension artérielle, Pression basse, Chute de tension
Névralgie, Douleurs neurologiques
Rhumatismes, Arthrite, Arthrose
Mycose unguéale, Mycose cutanée
Ballonnements, Gaz intestinaux, Crampes intestinales
Préparation à l’accouchement
Moustiques et insectes volants

Increases Pitta
Strengthens Kapha
Reduces Vata

Phenols (70-90% eugenol, iso-eugenol 1-8%, chavicol traces)
Sesquiterpenes (beta-caryophyllene 2-10%)
Methyl-ether-phenols (eugenol methyl ether traces up to 5%)
Hydrocarbons (various, traces)
Ketone: none
Furanocoumarins: none

        Batch,  PIM2001/24  (PDF, 227 Ko, French)

        Batch, PIM401K094270  (PDF, 275 Ko, French)

External use: It is recommended to dilute it well (dermocaustic).
Keep out of reach of children.
Children: no other known contraindications within physiological dosage.
Pregnant women: do not use (uterotonic).
It was known to be hepatotoxic due to phenols but it is not eugenol, thymol or carvacrol.

Essential Oils

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